a female or male that will act or say dumb things just for all the attention
Jon-" did you see Ashley, i cant believe she didn't know about that"
Denny-"she did, she was just being an attention whore"
by jon fennell July 21, 2008
Girls or Boys who crave, live, and thrive for attention. They dont care if they hurt others so long as they get what they want. Hates be alone. Always has to talk to someone or be with soemone. Attention Whores useually lie alot. Attention Whores are useually whores who Scene Fuck and hook up with people for more attention. They are very fake people who are sometimes very pretty but also uber concited. Most people dislike Attention Whores.
Jessie is such an Attention Whore. She Scene Fucks everyone
its disgusting.
by Lorixcore116 September 19, 2007
A person, most often a girl, who parades herself out on message boards just to attract the attention of other users.

Slutty behavior, indecent pictures, and shameless whoring themselves out is a trademark of attention whores.
-Lil Aries Girl
-Cute Stuff

See any other previous examples for further information on attention whores
by Residents of Midnight Dream July 05, 2004
Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls.
"when I was young, I wanted attention...and I promised myself that I'd do anything.. anything at all for them to notice me"

"God I love being an attention whore I dress in really slutty outfits and pretend I'm part of a legit music group even though I'm the only one who sings on the track or does anything other than skimp around in the background in our music videos."
by lauderdizzle October 29, 2008
A tool who will do anything for attention. They try to invade the lives of passersby and other non-interested parties who are trying to live their own lives. Extremely insecure, the attention whore didn't get enough attention from their mommy while growing up. They try to compensate for the lack by forcing their presence onto others because they are too dimwitted to find a healthier way to cope or mature. Probably illiterate.
I wish I could tell that attention whore Harley/Rice rocket rider/biker that he should go cry to his mommy instead of rev his engine at top noise level 20 feet from my lunch table.
by motorbikersaretools May 02, 2010
A girl who will do or say anything to attract attention.
LilMsCanBeRite, the resident Genmay attention whore, posted pictures of herself nude
OMG! You are such an attention whore!
by Anonymous February 21, 2003
Liberty Ross
Oh my god, did you see that girl begging for RTs? Such an attention whore!
You're talking about Liberty Ross?
by KrisbiansDefendKristen September 02, 2012

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