When a guy lays on his stomach and a girl hovers her pelvic region above his face while giving him really amazing head. When he's about to come, he will tense up and not realizing, will shove his face into her ass. At this point, she will enthusiastically cut the cheese/drop the bomb and clamp her ass down on his face to ensure he gets a good whiff of her stench.

Commonly used as an act of revenge for previous sexual wrong doing.
"Last night, I thought my girlfriend had no hard feelings over the donkey punch I gave her the night before, because she was really going down on me hard, but I was wrong and I only found out when I started to come and totally got caught in an atomic mouse-trap, I've learned my lesson."
by Bowflecks April 08, 2009
Top Definition
A 69 where the woman farts on the guys head as he is about to come and she slams her ass into his face to make sure he enjoys the smell. Even better if the girl accidentally shits. This tactic is usually revenge for a donkey punch, angry dragon, strawberry shortcake, or any other kind of bad sexual act by the guy.
My man thought it was funny to give me a strawberry shortcake, so I fuckin gave him an atomic mouse-trap to get back at him, I accidentally shit on him too.
by Rican Terrorist May 03, 2009
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