A bad/unrealistic idea or concept.

The bad idea that kills any thing that follows.

An unrealistic idea that kills a chain of good ideas.

Originated for the term "Nuking the Fridge" made popular by the movie "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" and the unrealistic scene where the title character hide in a refrigerator to escape an atomic blast.
That was the atomic fridge for that series.
by DS2032 November 15, 2010
Top Definition
The epitome of all coolness. The inhabitants, known as Eeelk-worshippers, are all totally insane, and make strangely bad Sims 2 videos. They have a vicious hatred for the company Atomic Fridge, which occupies www.atomicfridge.com, and have scrawled over Krispy Kreme hats in Harrods, London, with their url: www.atomicfridge.net
Oh my God, lark, have you seen the latest on atomic fridge?
by Lady Penelope January 15, 2007
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