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this is a friendly way to refer to our mate tom
hello assmonk, how are you today?
by dave April 09, 2003

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a nickname of unknown origin. Commonly has no significant meaning.
Word up Assmonk? or Smoke this Assmonk!
by fdsfwew May 30, 2008
flaming homosexual
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
a ginger haired gamer from milton keynes who absolutely kicks ass at all games he will rape u at halo 2 or just win with obscenely high scores if u get into a vehicle (tut tut u n008z he will say) (possible variations include Ass monkeh and Mr AssHat)
hey look its ass monk.....
ahh im getting my ass kicked....
quick lets be n008s and get into a vehicle.....
argh he still kicked our asses
by richard January 06, 2005