When a person delightfully sticks their bare-ass in the receiver's face to accomplish the goal of shooting a noxious substance, thus containing the situation without using pepper-spray.
Andy felt like he would be raped by this man, so since his pants were already down and he was bent over, he used assmace to subdue the pervert.
by ψThrash Till Deathψ July 16, 2009
Top Definition
Flatulence that is so foul, so ripe, so pungent that it is thick, palatable and irritates that eyes and nasal passages.
Carl inhaled several Taco Bell bean burritos on the way home after a night of partying. By the time he crawled into bed with this girlfriend, he had bloated up with severe gas. He decided to give his girlfriend an old fashioned Dutch Oven but ended up dousing her with Ass Mace and she heaved and wretched violently.
by Sal Manilla April 30, 2015
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