A Cincinnati based sport bike motorcycle club. Colors are black and yellow with a nuclear reactor symbol the icon.
The Assfault Junkies are fucking crazy fast!
by KneeDownInCinci June 04, 2010
Top Definition
An obnoxious motorcycle gang based in Cincinnati composed primarily of tools, squids and douche bags.
Hey did you see the news? A bunch of Assfault Junkies got arrested for doing wheelies down the highway....again

Did you see that guy almost crash his bike? What a total assfault junkie!
by Eric M 775 October 23, 2010
A Cincinnati based group known worldwide for their excellent bird watching skills. Colors are black and yellow with a nuclear symbol. Often seen commuting to various bird watching locations on their sport bikes
The Assfault Junkies recently opened up their own shop! They have the best bird watching equipment in town!
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