When a person has very hair ass crack. Formed from the words 'Ass' and 'Eyebrow'. Quite literally; an ass eyebrow.
A:That nigger bitch had one hairy ass.
B: Yeah she had and Ass-brow
by 8fishy March 18, 2009
Top Definition
A line of hair just above the anus, showing various types of emotions from the ass hole
"Hey man, your ass hole looks sad"
"How can you tell?"
"Your assbrow is frowning :("
by Gerald the steralised possum October 17, 2011
When thong straps are showing above low rise jeans.
Wow, Tina! Nice tramp stamp and ass brows!

Dude, check out that girl bending over. You can see her ass brows!
by S Dub Bmore March 08, 2008
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