Ass hats who are so ingrained in their Assness that they are on auto pilot.
Eric had been an ass hat for so long that he couldn't do anything else. He has become an Ass Bot.
by Lilith Eventide Nightshade May 02, 2009
Top Definition
An insult used against IM "learning" bots.
IM Example: Upon directing a question at megahal, an IM bot...

<PM> megahal what do you know about Mags?

<MegaHAL> I have what i was him, i'd appreciate it. Do you have a growth on my brain that causes memory lapses. Could you tell me about mags.

<PM> megahal you should have something done about that growth on your brain

<MegaHAL> Me? I have a growth on your brain.
<PM> megahal the growth is on your brain, not mine you a$$b0t!
by PM June 23, 2004
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