One who thorws a rope onto someone's ass and proceeds to buttfuck it until his penis is rubbed raw.
Guys put your asses to the wall, Steve is one big Ass Wrangler.
by Toxic Rage December 03, 2004
Top Definition
a person who indulges in the fine taste of bum nectar
erik wrangles alot of bumholes for their sweet juices, he is the biggest "ass wrangler"
by big andy c April 27, 2007
One who engages in the act of anal sex by which a lasso is fastened around the woman's throat and then strangled by it while the male pumps her ass full of juice as if to wake her up from being strangled.
After Jill passed out, Jeff decided that he would never be an ass wrangler again.
by Jamison February 16, 2005
A person who loves all types of ass no matter what it is. They will have sex with anything that is in the shape of an ass or annything that has an ass
Person: Wow your such an AssWrangler
by Anti AssWrangler April 24, 2010
Future job for Rigger Monkey or Mr. Penis Head: work in gay porn film to fluff bottoms.
Desperately Seeking Ass Wrangler: wanted, gay man for preparing film star extras.
by donkeycum March 29, 2003
one who spends their time wrangling ass (in other words, wasting time doing nothing).
Timmy, aren't you ever going to do any productive with your life? You're nothing but an asswrangler.
by Carl J18 October 29, 2007
Girl who takes getting fucked in the ass because that was the only alternative that the man gave her.
The ass wrangler is coming over so keep an eye out for my girlfriend.
by Chris Picciotto December 30, 2004
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