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To like giving it up the ass.
Nick is an assgoblin.
by Ozzy21 June 10, 2005
65 67
Any person who likes taking it anally or give anal, while scatting,"shitting" on each other in denial.
Michael just bent Raybones over and made him take it, gosh their such ass goblins!
by freckles, milkman,big daddy January 02, 2008
1 4
a mythical creature usually found around the festive Halloween season. Is known to jump out of bushes and scare little kids with a rank smell. Usually worshiped by fags and demented people. Rumored to have an idol fashioned to look like someone's butt crack. Beware of and stay clear or rank smelling places or establishments that fags are known to frequent.
Watch out kiddies the assgoblins will be out tonight. Hey fella how bout we go find us some assgoblins for dates. What's that smell? there must be a assgoblin around here somewhere.
by Liberace was gay July 11, 2011
3 8
1) Someone who is such a pain in the ass that they go above and beyond it. 2) A wedgie so severe it involves the ripping of the undershorts. 3) An elderly man's sweaty scrotum getting stuck in his ass when he sits down (see also cracking nuts, butt dumplings)
You are an Ass Goblin

OUCH! You Ass Goblin!!! That Ass Goblin hurts!!!

AHH!!! I got an Ass Goblin from the couch AGAIN!
by J July 22, 2003
14 19
The big giant in prison who salivates over anyone who like they can be dominated. Sometimes runs in packs.
ref:Famous Ass Goblins- Damon from Friday after next, Schillenger from OZ, The Sisters from Shawshank Redemption, Nasty Nate from Half Baked ect.
by Sneedley June 16, 2006
2 8
Powerful goblin that wants to rule the world. Can change appearance (usually looks like an old man) and has magical powers. Often Shouts HEEYAAAAAA and usually goes by the name of Lord Vilhelm
help, the ass goblin is trying to rule the world
by ass goblin hater August 29, 2003
13 19
One who gobbles ass
a turkey in your ass
by Abe Molitor August 10, 2003
6 12