Derogatory name for BioWare's "Mass Effect".
The storyline is plain and stinky, the engine is horridly bug-swarmed and everything resembles an attempt to turn "Knights of Old Republic" into an action game.
Gamer 1: Did you play any Mass Effect game?
Gamer 2: Ya mean, Ass Effect? Both parts suck, but 2nd was 1% better.
Non-gamer: All games from those medics are like Ass Effect (and all other games are even worse)
Gamer 1: Ugh! Shut up about games, go back to your library!
Gamer 2: Don't be that harsh towards my brother!
by DisturbingOne October 06, 2010
When a girl walks into a room and all the guys heads cascade downwards to stare at her ass.
Those guys showed ass effect as the girls passed by them.
by xDarkAbyssx June 15, 2011

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