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when a woman'sbutt gets cold and takes a long time to warm back up. usually from sitting out in the cold on concrete or benches.

sounds like "ice" if said with a fake strong southern accent. less serious than freezer bum
I waited for you for 45 minute out here... I'm so cold I have ass cubes.
by Ouzel October 14, 2008
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"He broke up with me through a text, and then sent a picture of his dick to my roommate.!!"
"What an ass cube."
by AssCube March 07, 2014
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When someone places an icecube down their pants and into their butcrack, then removes it and throws it at another person-resulting in a bruise
holy shit that guy gave me the worst asscube yesterday! its still throbing
by ishbarningtar July 09, 2010
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