n. 1) A chunk from an ass. 2) Chibi
Chibi is an asschunk
by sdk December 07, 2004
Top Definition
when you grunt a loaf and chunks of hardened poo drop into the toilet
"jon ate too much pasta and got ass chunks the next morning"
by Thugbunniefolife March 15, 2007
Blowing chunks out your ass after eating a volatile substance, usually a few bean burritos or any product from taco bell.
Dude, I shouldn't have ate those burritos, I blew asschunks all night.
Don't use that restroom! Someone blew asschunks in there and it reeks!
I don't want to eat taco bell man, it gives me serious asschunks whenever i do...
by Jacob Ritz December 03, 2005
1.) A rather noticable piece of shit from someone's ass.

2.) Dingleberry.

"Don't look now, but I think that guy just less loose an asschunk!"

"Don't eat the asschunk!"
by Warmaster Assclown August 31, 2004
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