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Blowing chunks out your ass after eating a volatile substance, usually a few bean burritos or any product from taco bell.
Dude, I shouldn't have ate those burritos, I blew asschunks all night.
Don't use that restroom! Someone blew asschunks in there and it reeks!
I don't want to eat taco bell man, it gives me serious asschunks whenever i do...
by Jacob Ritz December 03, 2005
when you grunt a loaf and chunks of hardened poo drop into the toilet
"jon ate too much pasta and got ass chunks the next morning"
by Thugbunniefolife March 15, 2007
1.) A rather noticable piece of shit from someone's ass.

2.) Dingleberry.

"Don't look now, but I think that guy just less loose an asschunk!"

"Don't eat the asschunk!"
by Warmaster Assclown August 31, 2004
n. 1) A chunk from an ass. 2) Chibi
Chibi is an asschunk
by sdk December 07, 2004