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an ass stamina is the measurement of the ability of a girl (...or a guy) to take an immense amount of pounding (intercourse) in the lower opening of the alimentary canal (i.e. anus or asshole). for anal intercourse lovers, ass stamina plays an important role in the process; the more ass stamina the receiving person has, the more enjoyment both parties (giving and receiving) will get out of the intercourse.
a lot of ass stamina can be seen in people exhibiting the constant need for anal intercourse even after the prolonged, hard pounding has been performed on their anus by the giving party.

my girl sure has a lot of ass stamina. i was going blitzkrieg on that ass for over 30 minutes until i almost passed out and she still wanted me to pound it more. her asshole was gaping so much i could easily fit my fist in it.
by akljsdfjalsdjflaksd March 09, 2010
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