preperation H anybody
he had too much ass meat to sit and wath the movie
by jimk August 16, 2003
Top Definition
Some one who has a large ass. A lot of skin tissue on their back side.
Damn, did you see that girl? She could'nt get through the door with all that ass meat!
by DJ 3arthqauk3 July 08, 2009
1. Meats from the assiest region
2. Rectal meat commonly found in meat pies and hotdogs
3. Flavoursome meat
I hunger for assmeats bitch!!
by Sathan April 24, 2003
a woman with a beautiful ass, butt, buttocks, derriere, booty....
That chick's got nice ass meat
by TonyTC March 29, 2010
The two chunks of flesh that shit tumble out of.
I hope to slide my tubesteak in between her assmeats.
by John Thomas1928 April 08, 2010
pretty obvious. flesh of the ass!
i think the lumps of assmeat are actually falling off of that 400 pound woman in latex red shorts.
by trephine December 27, 2002
Disgusting shit you only find stuck to blankets and faces and asses and shit.

"Check out that ass meat on the couch, no fucking way i'm sitting there."

"Shut the fuck up Charleen"

by Dr. Assmeat May 04, 2011
Assmeats encompases the region common to the ass. This term is used most in regards to members of the ape family, due to their distended and swollen posteriors.
The Chimpanzee's swollen and distended assmeats shocked the crowd at the zoo.
by The Bastard February 19, 2004
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