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Clear sweat found in the crack that smells like ass.
I was fingering an Indian man's asshole to loosen him up to insert the dildo & got ass juice on my finger.
by Mischief Maker November 14, 2004
129 96
mucus produced in the anus especially during anal sex, often quite runny!
I don't need any jell, I'm so turned on I'm already full of assjuice just ram it into me!
by anonymous October 19, 2003
50 11
Australian for beer

get me a pint of assjuice
by boh selectah December 13, 2002
36 12
Going by the above definition; The rectal mucus made to accomidate bowel movements. Not enough to sustain fucking, which is why lubricants must be used. As opposed to the vagina which has natural lubrication, because it was made for fucking.
"I have to go on, but these ignorant democrat cunts write the stupidest fucking definitions. The only ass juice is the diariah your mom drank."

"The butthole was made for shitting, the pussy was made for hitting."

See cunts and the "shit packer" reference in Shitskin

by fuck YOU May 27, 2003
134 115
The word used to describe the sweat from your back/ass rolling down the cleft of your ass, usually after an intense "workout" session...
Jesus i can almost feel the ass-juice pooling in my boxers!
by Ninja_Tom February 19, 2007
21 6
natural lubrication created when one is craving anal sex
take it out of my butt and let me lick all of my assjuice off
by deanna smuttin July 03, 2003
24 12
A pinkish-brown colored drink
Anthony Bourdain sampled a glass of ass juice during his trip to Las Vegas on his Travel Network TV show "No Reservations."
by LHH January 09, 2006
74 65