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A sinister gangsta
liked by peers and mostly beautiful girls.
asil mc aka sinister gangsta
by sinister April 25, 2005
An Asil is a very shy, quiet girl who blends in with the crowd. She doesn't say much and runs away from anything she's scared of. Crowds of people overwhelm her, but if she's put together with the right person, she becomes a sweet, loving girl who will always look out her special someone. She is embarrassed easily, but she's so cute when she blushes! It's so KAWAII DESU UGGUUU--ahem. On the topic of cuteness, she's one of the cutest girls you'll ever see and if you manage to get on her good side, she'll be a loyal friend.
"Dude, did you see that chick going all blushy like that? She's such an Asil."

"Guys did you hear? That Asil is now my best friend!"
by AnonymousDictionary June 15, 2013
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