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An individual who consumes gravy by the pint whilst oggling ladies and rubbing his thighs in a disturbing matter.
I went to the cafe for Roast beef au jus, but this pretty young thing sat down opposite, next thing I know, Im doing the Ashman
by Noomz May 08, 2007
Put simply a person with terribly breath, the kind of breath that could kill you.
David: "I met a woman at the bar yesterday"
Corey: "oh yeah? what's she like?

David: "i won't be seeing her again shes nice but her breath stinks real bad"
corey: "an ashman then?"
by sarutak October 16, 2011
usually really good in sports, good looking sweet and fun to be around funny a good friend and easy to fall in love with.
ashmen clark Burke va
by jelly bracelets May 03, 2010