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The proper way to pronounce the name Ashley.
Jonas: What was your name again? Ash-lei Pananagaman?
Ashley: No! It's pronounced Ashlee!
by MyNameIsJonas August 05, 2007
324 280
Someone who loves to please. They will not rest until everyone is happy.
That girl was such an Ashlee! She just can't stop loving!
by Grace Lincoln February 03, 2010
170 127
The absolute good girl, one of the only remaining girls considered to be a true angel, and needs to go back to her true love.
Ashlee you could have whatever you like
by total humanoninimity November 11, 2010
101 74
A really sweet and innocent girl who can be a rebel at some points. She loves animals and will be a good friend forever. She has a nice personality and loves everything. She is someone people will always get along with.
Miranda: Have you met that new Ashlee girl?
Erin: Yes, she is so sweet everyone loves her!
by Sassue4 January 13, 2013
11 2
Ashlee is the best girl you'll ever meet.she loves others way more then herself. When your on her good side she'll do anything to make you happy. She's smart and encourages everyone around her to have goals in their life. She knows what she wants and she won't stop till she gets it. She always very fun. You'll never have a dull moment with her. She's so weird but in that good type of way that makes you just want to know more about her. Ashlee is also very pretty although she doesn't see it. People often take her for granted not realizing everything she offers. She's the type of girl a guy gets when he's too young , screws up and realizes later what A terrible mistake he made by leaving her .Once you had ashlee there's nothing better
see that girl ?

Yea that's ashlee
by mami1208 December 21, 2013
7 -1
BETTER IN BED THAN A HOCKEY PLAYER- says every guy ever, even if they never got inside her pants.
Ashlee is amazing :D,
by John George. June 07, 2011
10 4
the best girl in the entire world. she is perfect in EVERY way:} everything about her is flawless. she is fun, smart , pretty and nice and i could never ask for more!
eric: have u seen that ashlee chick?

joey:no man why
eric:oh man ur missin out!
by eric the ashlee lover January 02, 2014
3 0