Someone who everyone loves, but people hate that person at times.
Whoa, Brittany is such an ash--tray! One minute she is giving me money for the Soda Machine the next she is throwing pencils at me! I'll still be friends with her though.
by Mister Miser March 20, 2008
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Young women of the Province of Ontario (Canada), usually good looking, with a superb aptitude for putting off men's desire for them. The "ashtray" status is usually achieved by (1) wearing ample, non-sexy-non-revealing clothing, (2) using questionable makeup in social contexts, (3) not being able to hold one's liquor, or (4) a combination of the previous elements.
Two men in a bar: "Should I ask Ashtray #1 or Ashtray #2 for a dance?"
"Go for broke, man"
by alkalex December 26, 2005
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a name that best friends, jeny and kimberley, used to call a girl in 5th grade. they are now seniors in high school and the name is still very funny.
jeny (in arizona): hey kimberley guess what? i saw ashtray today!!

kimberley (in new zealand): haha no way! after all these years?! wow

jeny: yea haha we have some real good memories from back in the day.

kimberley: yup priceless

by jeny November 17, 2007
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a tray full of ash or sum1 smells like an ashtray
"omfg hollie ashton smells lyk a fucking ashtray!"
fishy ashtray ashton!
by hubbu bubba March 03, 2007
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The University at Albany, in Albany, NY
I went home for the weekend, but I'm back in the Ashtray now
by Keith October 18, 2004
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A sexual act where, just as the male is about ejaculate, the female tilts her head back and sticks her tounge out, allowing him to discharge directly into her open mouth. As he finishes, he can tap his penis onto her extended tounge to ensure that every drop is deposited into her "ashtray", much like one would tap a cigar into a conventional ashtray.
Man, just as I was about to come, she told me not to come inside her and she offered up a beautiful ashtray.
by Murrdaperv May 26, 2011
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A term coined for a penis that is much wider then proportion would typically allow. Named so due to being "flat and wide."
"You know, it's not all about length you dick."
"It won't help if you're hung like an ashtray."

"Dude, is that an ashtray in your pants or are you happy to see me?"

"This guy in the locker room was totally sporting an ashtray!"
by Cletus Snow August 04, 2006
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