All the letters and punctuation marks located in the middle row of the QWERTY keyboard layout and possibly other keyboard layouts.

Its definition is subject to the user's discretion for he or she who types such a complex and intellectually deep word has more worldly wisdom and experience than those who choose not to.

Most people generally accept is as a superior alternative to qwertyuiop\ and zxcvbnm,./.
Person A: qwertyuiop\

Person B: asdfghjkl;'

Person A: Oh shit! *retreats quickly*
by 0102030405060708090 July 04, 2011
a term of being confused on AIM

created by running your finger down the center of the keyboard
person 1: asdfghjkl; dude somone took a shit on my car window
person 2: LOL!
by Roosale November 10, 2007
A word used by obsessive fangirls, when they overload with feels.
*fangirl reads about percabeth*

fangirl: asdfghjkl;
by coffeee October 29, 2013
asdfghjkl; is what put do when you get bored messaging someone and don't feel like having a conversation.
emily: hey micheal! :D
micheal: asdfghjkl;
by rawrrrr!!!!!!<33333333333 March 18, 2009
A word used in frustration , anger , or when you really like something .
Scrolling on tumblr and you see a picture of mindless behavior, 1D , Austin Mahone , or Justin Bieber , you know, someone HAWT and famous so you're like OMG I totes have to reblog . So you reblog and you comment : OMG , ASDFGHJKL; 😍😍😍 (and a bunch of thirsty emojis)
by BrilliantlyUnique May 09, 2013
A very common password because you just swipe you finger across the middle row and then hit enter and you login.
Password: asdfghjkl;'
by LoL LaUgH OuT LoUnd March 11, 2015
when you're so bored you decide to let your nose type. this is what occurs.
ahhrg why am i soo bored?! *slam head on keyboard* *swipe nose across keys* asdfghjkl;' and sometimes in caps ASDFGHJKL;
by me gusta.mmm September 01, 2011

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