1) A word often used to communicate shock or frustration at an event while texting or IMing.
*not really an effective form of expressing frustration in real life.

2) Random keyboard mashing.

Other forms are asdfghjkl, asdfghjkl;, and dajfopejrpwi48g
xgenericusernamex: That essay took forever!
randomuser911: Yeah 20 pages, I can't believe it!
xgenericusernamex: ASDF 20??? I THOUGHT IT WAS 2!!!!!!
by soon2bsmerin April 07, 2010
Asdf really has no meaning, but some people tend to be confused when someone talks about it or says it.
1. Asdf are the four keys you put the four fingers on your left hand on a computer keyboard.
2. Asdf is also the name of a series of cartoon comics on YouTube by a guy named TomSka.
Asdf is a really funny cartoon!
by Crop Dusting June 16, 2014
Text one types as a placeholder. The first characters of the left hand used when typing on a QWERTY keyboard.
ASDF goes here when I figure out what I really want to call it.
by scottydahotty December 25, 2012
A-Sexuals Don't Fuck
Person One- FUCK YOU!
Person Two- ASDF
by Codrayman December 16, 2008
A term used when you are bored and want to scream at the teacher. Can be used successfully during math, english, science, or even during those gay dance lessons in P.E
Teacher: welcome, class
Teacher: first off, Jimmy wut is the square root of...

Jimmy: asdf!!!

during gym..

Carla: wanna dance Jimmy?

Jimmy: ASDF!!!

during english...

Teacher: and then wut did shakespeare say Jimmy?

Jimmy: ASDF!!!!!
by aldengoesfishing January 10, 2009
A stupid dumb fuck
Saying asdf makes you sounds like asdf.

He's asdf.

He sounds like asdf.
by xXdAnkaSsniGaswaG6969Xx April 18, 2013
The most common letters being typed by a person who is not looking at the keyboard while doing so. It is also usually used with jkl; and ashfjkfmn.
Boy 1: asdf
Boy 2: ashfjkfmn
Boy 3: What? I dont understand you...
Boy 1: 12235673323
Boy 3: Oh!
by Hotmailhikers July 30, 2009

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