Meaning cant belive
Omg...Tod said I was ugly,as if...
by Jasmine August 05, 2004
As If is a phrase used to express shock that a particular person had the nerve to think they could even approach you.
"As if he thought he had the right to breathe the same air as me." "As if I would even consider looking at someone like him." "As If he stood a chance in Hell." "As If that isn't funnier than shit?"
by MRSKAT December 11, 2013
When you pass out & forget to brush your teeth, you wake with fuzzy teeth & a festering smell on your breath that would knock a donkey off a cart, 'as if' you ate a steaming man terd whilst sleeping.
Woah, what happened to you last you last night? Your breath smells 'as if' you ate a pound of shit." "Sorry baby, I've got the ASIFS, forgot to brush my teeth last night.
by Ffej & sleven March 09, 2011
Said in a "i cant believe this" tone...
*hairclip falls out of hair and lands on the floor* AS IF!
by SoljahOfFate June 03, 2005
Commonly used exclamation, typically amongst Sixth Formers, used in a sarcastic manner when faced with a situation that they either love or hate.

Ie, they shout "as if", often repeated by the action it is suggested they partake in, and exclaim whether they will or will not do it, and whether they love or hate it!

Can also be used if something is completely true, but you would like to draw more attention to it.

See examples.
Cassie: Are you going to LeedsFest this year?
Jordyn: As If I can't go to LeedsFest! HATE THAT!

Lameass Are you going to LeedsFest this year?
Messy: No, but Tom is.
Lameass: Ahhhh! As If I hate that so much!

Monique: As if we're going to Paris in two weeks. Oh wait. We are.. LOVE THAT!
by manyperson August 10, 2009
To be totally to the left of right.
He was talking about hacking, but I knew he was full of shit. I said dude, as if...
by doctor hose August 03, 2004
Like when uttering disbelief at something that happened.

Usually said by crazy people, who imprint it onto the minds of those less fortunate
Beth-checks out Not very fit guy
Rosie- "as if you just checked out that guy, LOL"
Beth- "one day im going to start saying as if"


Beth- "As if sir just made fun of us"
Rosie- "aha i know"
Beth-"holy shit, i said as if"
by Bjos July 01, 2008
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