1. someone who is obsessed with humping and fucking random things
2. the most hilarious person eveerrr
1. mr.man : have u ever fucked a network cord?
arushi : once, last winter
2. arushi is funny...HAHAHA
by why do u care? November 21, 2004
Top Definition
the first rays of the sun
Mr. man: omg im getting blind...what is this...the end of the world?
Another man: No its arushi
by Arushi September 20, 2005
too sexxi for words the hottest thing alive
you wish u were 'arushi' in that

ella: "im soo jelous of arushi i want too be just like her" julia:" fuck same shes soo awesome" arushi: "dream on bitches!"
#arushi: awesome #sexxi #fuckable #beautiful #fun #amazing #hot
by fuglyshit November 16, 2010
someone who gains weight and subsequently looks awesome. a person who has a fear of burps and loves to watch various shows such as: the oc, the office, house, friends, gossip girl, etc. this person will also extract your true emotions from you, even when you are not aware of these emotions. beware of dangerous amounts of sarcasm.
Nancy: I saw Guy Richie today.
Sally: Ok well I'm gonna pull an Arushi on you - you are in love with him and every aspect of his existence.
Nancy: Oh.. yes I never realized that but you are correct.

Olga: Wow what a great performance! (sarcastically spoken)
Tolbert: Wow! You are being so Arushi right now!!!!!!
#sexi #nice bod #sarcastic #bot #botilicious #weird #wmd
by nancy snoohoooo December 31, 2008
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