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DJ Bandwagon hopper - has to like what ever DJ is the trance worlds current darling
A useless mod on who abuses his 'posistion' by trying to get in with DJ's with the words, 'Hey I own'
Trys to get women in bed by promising them mod rights on
has a very small band of worshippers, two to be exact, Dj Mikey Mike who is like a mini me of arturo and indy who has been described as stupid, a perfect follower of Arturob
OMG I die - Nu Nrg
OMG I die - PvD

Hey little girl, i ownerz tranceaddict, suck my weiner and u can be a mod
by vivid boy June 17, 2004
A stoner who would shag paul van dyk in an instance. Who uses phrases such as "OMG I DIE".
Look at that guy, hes an arturob
by TA October 11, 2003
Thief of all things music. Loves to touch himself while downloading music that hasn't been released yet and will bum anybody who has something he wants, before stabbing them in the back. Best use is to throw him on a bonfire, set him ablaze & laugh. Uses far too much stupid language & has a bunch of floridan losers backing him up
arturob is a lying backstabbing theif
by Pope JPIII - the revenge April 20, 2005
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