Top Definition
Somebody with special talent in various activities.
You have to be an artdax to debate Hillary Clinton because she is very articulate and slick.
by will burnett September 28, 2005
Someone who has profound knowledge of many different subjects and topics.
Rush Limbaugh tries hard to be an artdax, but he falls miserably short.
by steve barnes September 12, 2005
An erudite individual or sage.
When George Bush and John Kerry debated, they tried to sound artdaxly to gain audience approval and ultimately to gain votes.
by Tara S. Volta September 27, 2005
A legend in his own mind. A self proclaimed master.
If that artdax was a fraction as smart as he thinks he is, he'd be winning millions on Jeopardy.
by Prof J March 09, 2006
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