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1. (verb) To engulf a piece of property into flames, with the intent of destruction.
"Hey Bob, wanna go rape some kids and commit a little arson?"
by Matthew July 25, 2003
150 45
A good hobby to take up.
Dodger: Hey man, I'm bored, what do you wanna do?
Me: Eh, let's commit arson.
Dodger: We did that last week, but I guess it's something that never grows old.
by ElleyChaos January 01, 2004
97 86
some thing evil
"if you want to do something evil, arson is pretty evil"
by everybodyhatesgeorg April 22, 2010
9 26
What Korean people do on impulse when they feel agitated
When Park found out that his girlfriend was going out with another man, he went out and committed arson on his girlfriend's house
by yukipon December 03, 2006
47 76
to destroy someone's reputation. to sell goods or merchandise at a lower price of a competitor without the competitor's knowledge. to take, steal, or destroy.
Hey man, I heard Danny got your girl.

What dude, that's arson!!
by Drew DH March 18, 2007
12 57
Adjective describing an extremely intense mosh pit.
Man that pit was like Arson!
by Its Deluxe Son December 03, 2003
7 54
The cool thing for hot guys to do (Ian).
"Ian commited arson!"
"Wow, he's hot"
by dag, yo June 14, 2004
15 80