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Generally someone or something that is a metaphorical pain in the arse/ass, causing aggravation or being a nuisance.
Finishing this report on time is getting to be a real arse-ache.
by Snuffle Grudger December 05, 2009

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1. Something that causes consternation.
2. A difficult, annoying or time consuming task.
3. To experience the sensation of pain in one's rectum.
1. Old people in supermarkets are a real arse ache.
2. Putting up that tent is going to be an absolute arse ache.
3. I didn't crap for a week and now I have a major arse ache.
by I am Iron Man! December 21, 2009
To be upset with someone or something.
"He's got the real arse ache with me today. Just 'coz I turned up late!"
by JohnnyMalaria January 22, 2005