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A man or woman who for some unknown reason will follow you around the place, copy your style or generally get on your tits/up your arse.

an Arse monkey has no imagination and will mimic or copy people
just got a new shirt in the Sales and that Arse monkey ...... had goes and gets one.

Saw ..... the other day she is a being right ficking Arse Monkey with her boyfriend.
by Rick Walford June 09, 2005
An arse monkey, is a piece of turd usualy at the end of a stodgy excretion session that hangs from your ringpiece, when you shake your arse its clings to your butt branches (arse pubes), sometimes they choose to descend themselves, but othertimes a particulary stubborn monkey has to be plucked from the tree!

It is a large form of clinker or winnet!
"For Fucks Sake, Ive got a fucking arse monkey again and ive ran out of toilet paper!"

"Oh Jimmy, Its your own bloody fault, you have to eat more fruit you cheesy wanker"
by joby read January 11, 2008
A small annoying monkey that follows you around wherever you go.
"want to come for a pint? - no i got some fucking arse-monkey with me"
by Willy~Wonka February 03, 2005