Having or displaying a sense of overbearing self-worth or self-importance.
Example of an ignorant, and arrogant definition here on Urbandictionary.com

A store with high-quality clothes that are very hip and trendy. Usually look "pre-worn". It usually has cute instyle workers. It's a place you can get clothes to look great in. Usually emo or goth people make fun of hollister, abercrombie and fitch, or american eagle, Because they have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives and they can't afford it, and wouldn't look good in it anyway. Let's face it, If you were cute, YOU wouldn't boycott this store!
by thebadge August 03, 2006
Dont care about you or anyone else's opinion or existence. Believes that he/she is better than you/everybody and has the right to judge everyone, but no one is allowed to judge them.
During his interview Lance Armstrong came across as his true self - arrogant and defiant as he’s long been known to be.
by is123 January 19, 2013
Arrogance is in the eye of the beholder. You can't be too confident. You may very well be better that the rest. Don't let other peoples inadequacies define your behaviour
"If someone else is just as strong and skilled as he is, then he will outplay the opposition with great heart and toughness. This way of thinking is extremely confident but not arrogant. It is the mindset of ultimate achievement. Quote by John Giannini
by Arrow_giant June 23, 2011
1.- Ignorant high schoolers/teenagers that (ironically) think they know it all.
-Girl Who Takes Life Too Seriously: You're not "mature" enough for my standards.
-Average Joe: Shut up you arrogant bitch.
by Call me CoCoNUT April 03, 2008
A guy with an enormous amount of self confidence who considers himself extremely funny and believes he is the center of the world. He thinks that Apple and Microsoft will go out of business by 05/05/2015. ough.
"Arrogant" was in Boston.
by asd007 October 05, 2010
to walk around grenada thinking hes the shit
arrogimpy afshari is arrogant
by jon3333 May 01, 2009
Someone who is stuck up their own ar$e
Person one: 'Have you met Loz?'
Person two: 'Ohhh f**k yes. He's so arrogant!'
by Pluto. June 17, 2007

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