cool guy and nice in generally, usually has a good sense of humor and a great potential in any sports. Sometimes Arnav can be an asshole when Arnav bullied anyone at the school.
" look at that guy, Arnav plays for our team". " he were the one who punched my brother!".
by yoheroman12 October 06, 2012
Is one of the lesser know characters of the popular manga series Naruto, and is the strongest character period, he will shortly make his appearance in the manga. All of the good guys in the naruto manga series are are under arnav's command and for the few narutards that care are known as Arnav's minions. Those who are against arnav are know as the Arnav Haters.

Arnav is also the charismatic leader of dragons and is in his own manga to be realesed shortly :the life and adventures of arnav ranganath Pamidighantam charismatic leader of dragons in his free time, someting else, conquerer of nations occasionaly
I cant belive that Arnav is gonna be a naruto tommorow
by apam April 19, 2009
Hottesr most sexiest and attractive man on earth. He is sexy and very athletic. His physique is to die for. Very muscular and irrisistable. All the ladies want his big dick. He is a god from heaven. Man of perfection.
He is such an Arnav!
by webster dictionary america January 13, 2014
Self obsessed,egotistical, conceited bastard! Suffers from brain atrophy due to non use of brain cells at mediocre school. He's basically the one eyed king in a land of blind men. Also could use new swim trunks. and actually a whole new wardrobe.
He's such an Arnav. He dated the chick who looked like him.
by sophia yu May 21, 2008

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