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A young lady who seems to like discipline a bit more than most. Dresses up from time to time, but probably prefers a more dressed down style. Can kick ass, probably cook, and makes your average male wonder why he doesn't like rolling around in mud and fighting.

Pros| Friendly, scheduled, on point, potential to take orders, independent, low-maintenance, makes a good mother.

Cons| Obstinate, can be too busy, around alot of men, overbearing, not "lady like" when you want her to be.

Bottom line: The mindset is okay, keep her out the army!!
*Girl 1* "Why the hell is that girl walking like that?"

*Girl 2* "Oh Sheena?" "She's an army chick."

*Girl 1* "Ooohh...I still don't like her."
by trunetiv November 04, 2008
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