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This one involves 3 people, at least one being male and one being female.

the female is on a bed, with her back propped up by some pillows while the unsuspecting victim is between her legs snacking on the old squish mitten. in the mean time, the male in the situation stands over the girl, facing her and getting mutton dagger swallowed or just doin' some good old fashioned tea bagging. to the suprise the person chompin' downtown, the dude getting bagged decides to let off a major assplosion that runs down the girls chest and stomach,like a mudslide, right into the mouth of the poor soul munching on the stench trench.
kyle- "dude, bro! the other night i thought i'd let dan munch on courtney while she was tea baggin' me..."

aaron- "bro, sweet! how did it go?"

kyle- "bro, man, check it out! she squealed like i'd never heard before so i got jealous and gave her and dan a armenian mudslide."

aaron- "dude, fuck yeah bro!"
by PARTY! October 31, 2007
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