One who promises to attend an event or show up on time, only to call 5 minutes before hand to cancel because he/she is "chilling" or "marinating." Also a person who invites you to lunch, then ask you to "spot" him or her. Armandos are also known as flakers
John was invited to the wedding 6 months ago, but he just called and pulled an Armando.

I got the armando at lunch today.

by Mark Farouk August 03, 2006
Top Definition
The embodiment of an all-around man. A strikingly handsome face coupled with a winsome killer smile, most of the time is a evilish smirk, a pair of deep, expressive eyes that look at you like you're the only one in the world, an impeccable body language coupled with an oh-so-cool façade, a trendy fashion statement coupled with a mysteriously alluring aura that held much aplomb and virility. There he is, wearing his pair of tight jeans, jacket & a pair of Ray-Bans. He's on his way to a band's show. He is the James Dean of the night.
Oh my!... Did you see that guy, he's such an Armando. Sooo Hot!!

I don't know what it is but that guy over there radiates such an alluring vibe, he is gotta be an Armando.
by scantily gorgeousity February 04, 2010
a loving, sweet, nice guy; the perfect boyfriend and soon to be husband material. when you're with him you feel like nothing else matters. he is the type of guy who pleases his girl in so many ways. he is also very romantic and to sum it all up, the PERFECT gentlemen.
Armando; the love of my life.
by his number one girl. February 19, 2010
Is usually a Hispanic guy. He is known to be talented, full of passion and vision.

He is his own person, random and not afraid to be who he is.
1) He is gifted - he's probably an Armando.

2) Dude, someone let it rip! must have been Armando.

3) Who ate all the food? Armando.
by jackpop March 09, 2010
an extremese state of hyperness
You were like so armando today.
by Lydia123 September 22, 2007
a kid that plays xbox like a boss. He is always talking to beautiful girls. a hilarious guy that can make a joke out of anything. He enjoys watching the Hills have thighs, as well as listening to minority by green day. he is a star.
Also a term used to describe a new age super man that likes to slap asian kids with penguins.
Alexis," Who is that?"
Mckenzie," Thats armando."
Alexis," do you have the strange urge to make out with him too?"
by Armandolover October 26, 2011
Usually a dominican guy that is drop dead gorgeous. And always has a big dick. Loves nothing more than to bury his face in a pussy.

Can behave like an asshole if you are not careful.
Girl 1: heeeyyy have you seen Armando lately?

Girl 2: who's Armando?

Girl 1: the guy with the big dick...

Girl 2: ohhhhhh he's right over there!
by Khari Duma October 26, 2011
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