Arctic Monkeys are a british indie rock band. They consist of alex turner(singer ),matt helders(drummer),jamie cook(lead guitarist)nick 'o malley(bass).They have 4 albums and all the albums have gone to no 1 in the UK charts. Their latest album suck it and see beat lady gaga's album born this way and went to no 1. Suck it and see has already won the best album of the year 2011 in mojo awards and it has gotten many good reviews and is being claimed as the best album of the year 2011 My friend: Bro how awesome is suck it and see
Me: Its awesome album has great songs like the piledriver waltz, hellcat spangled shalala, love is a laserquest, reckless serenade and more
Arctic Monkeys
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by kylesalmon October 17, 2011
Arctic Monkeys are a four-piece indie rock band from Sheffield, England, whose debut single, "I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor", went straight to number one.
In fact "I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor" is one of their cruddier songs compared to the likes of 'Scummy', 'Mardy Bum' and 'Fake Tales of San Fracisco'.
They are known for their modern -
" Last night these two bouncers
And one of em's alright
The other one's the scary one
His way or no way, totalatarian "

and witty lyrics
"And all the weekend rockstars in the toilets
Practicing their lines "
A - Arctic Monkeys rock man!
B - Yeah man! :-D
A - Stupid name though man...
B - Yeah man... :-(
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by cal-w00t November 04, 2005
The act of freezing a banana over night and useing it as a dildo the next day.

Also leaving a banana flavor on the area of use ;)
Jen: "why do you smell like a banana"
Jill: "oh I just gave myself a good old arctic monkey"
Jen: "ohhhhh lucky you"
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by Lwellington August 26, 2015
A really great band! originated from sheffield
members: alex turner (lead singer and lead guitarist), jamie cook (guitarist), matt helders (drums and backing vocals), nick o'malley was on bass guitar but was replaced by andy nicholson
I Bet you look good on the dance floor-
your name isnt rio but i don't care for sand- a reference to a song called rio by duran duran

When the sun goes down-
In this song he says "He told roxanne to put on the red light" is a reference to a song called roxanne by the police
arctic monkeys
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by terminalmargaret September 16, 2008
Some band that hipsters pretend to like just to sound cool
Hipster: Hey do you listen to the Arctic Monkeys?
Random guy: who the f*ck are the arctic monkeys?
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by Jnjyfbkinbfdxgikngrxvhjjn May 13, 2015
A great band if you're a teenager living in the states, having 'panic! at the disco'or 'fall out boy' shoved down your throat. Fresh lyrics and sound, perhaps a bit overrated and most certainly not nearly groundbreaking or inventive enough to be the next 'beatles'. If you're interested in great bands from the UK, check out the Kaiser Chiefs or The Kooks.
Person 1: Man, I'm so sick of stupid emo boys with no balls wearing girl pants and eyeliner.

Person 2: Listen to the Arctic Monkeys, they're so much better.

Person 1: Nah, I'll go listen to the Kaiser Chiefs
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by theangryblogger February 16, 2007
A decent Band, with good musicains,ok songs, and sour sounding lyrics, they are quite good, but heavly over rated, there nothing that new, to music, yet everyone seems to beleive so, its just melodic indie\garage, with sheffield accents and spots,also drink fosters, honestly who drinks fosters anyway.
NME-"the arctic monkeys are the best thing to happen to music since the smiths, or the beatles"
Me-"just no"
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by Andrew Ricardo May 23, 2006
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