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Was a member of YYZ, SOTF, gOg, YODA, IKP, 3G0, SMD, `rA, and possibly more in the future. Currently holds the title of greatest AD soldier. He is also known as Aurvandil, Drugstorecowboy, Nemisis, and cr_soldier -1. He has been playing online since threewave quake 2 ctf. Has played doom I, doom II, quake 1-3, ut, rocket arena, rtcw: enemy territory, ut2k4, and many more. Perhaps one of the greatest first person players ever. Posseses many enemies and friends. <3 to devicegrip, panama red, djx, rhombus, spike, KOP, wondy, klob, sparta, ba, and most everybody else. </3 to killa, direhit, and most of rak.
Aurvandil, Oh aurvandil, brightest of all angels. ArchEvIlAngel r0x0r you.
by Anonamouse March 14, 2004
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