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A persian guy who finds himself in a parking lot almost every night without actually trying to get there. Usually he has a cigarette in one hand and sunflower seeds in his other hand. He has the general characteristics of a stereotypical sleazy mechanic who gives you shitty parts for prices that are higher then expected...

He gets a new car almost every six months although in the years of 2008-2009 he has gone against his natural instincts and has kept a car that he calls a SRT-4. This was a breakthrough for the Arash and was exceptionally noticed by his friends who needed to come up with new definitions to explain the phenomenon that Arash not only keept thea car for more then 6 months but also spent more money on the car then he has spent on college.

The Arash leaves his nest at approximately 8 PM and can be found in the following regions on the following days:
Safeway Parking Lot: Any time of the week
Starbucks Parking Lot: Any Time Of the Week
Ernies Liquor Store Parking Lot: Any Time of the Week
Taco Bell Parking Lot on Capital Expressway: Thursdays

God Bless the Mutherfucker.
Arash, where are you?
Arash: SPL, you comin?
Hmm, let me debate it.
by Mr. Subaru 123 November 06, 2009
A big harry Persian who thinks he can wear a chain correctly. His predominant feature is a ginormous nose. If he is even lucky enough to get a girl in his pants, she will notice that he has the smallest cock in the world. He is always getting in trouble, even if it wasn't his fault. Arash is the kind of guy that is always the one to get hurt, mostly by his friends. When he is, he is able to reacts in a funny way. He can also be a very good and supportive friend.
by ARASHGETSHURT July 21, 2013
An Arash is someone who dresses nice, is very funny, usually friendly, but after getting to know this person they turn out to be a douche bag. In short, someone who is all talk and no follow through. Could also be known as a paper gangsta.
Lady 1: Hey how is everything going with Jake? Lady 2: Ugh, don't ask. He is always flirting and saying we'll get together soon, but then he never calls. He's turning out to be a total Arash!!
by Arminna April 22, 2010
The word Arash means: Derakhshandeh, Derakhshân. In english it means: Bright, Brilliant, Shining, Luminous.
"Ârash e Kamângîr" (Arash the Archer) was the name of an Iranian national hero who sacrificed his life to preserve the territorial integrity of Iran.

Ârash e Kamângîr (Arash the Archer) story:
At the end of war between Iran and Turan, Turan has advanced to near Damâvand mountain area. Turanian wanted to destroy the Iranians' spirit, so they ordered Iranian to shoot an arrow towards Turan. Wherever the arrow lands, that would be the new border between Iran and Turan. An Iranian super hero, Arash by name volunteered to shoot the arrow. The location: peak of the Damâvand (Iran's highest mountain, 30 kilometer northeast of Tehrân, the Irânian capital; height 5671 meter). On the bright morning of Tîrgân, Arash stripped naked, faced north, strained his bow as never before, let the arrow fly and exhausted, turned into energy and ride with the arrow. The arrow flew the entire morning and fell at noon -- 2250 kilometer on the bank of the Oxus River in what is now Central Asia. And the river remained the boundary between Iran and Turan for centuries until Mongoloid hordes poured in to push the Iranians southward in the 10th century A.D.
Arash body was never Found. There are still stories from travelers who were lost in the mountain, that how they heard Arash Kamangir voice. And the voice helped them find the road and saved their lives.
Arssh is the most beautiful name there is.
by Eyrash July 27, 2004
Arash is also the name of a mythical character in the epic Persian book of legends, the Shah Nameh (Letter Of The Kings). Arash was an archer who in a time of great need sacrificed his life for the glory of his nation.
Arash was a great man.
i would never be like arash
by kingis 56 December 19, 2015
Biggest G of all time, a very friendly and romantic guy. Arash is always seen with a hot girl on his arm, and a posse of followers. Arash has a very large, hard cock
Nicole- did you see that extremely hot guy?

Hannah- yeah, he was a total Arash!
by ;$$.28?.18@?,/48! May 13, 2010
double fister of the century. can drink anyone under the table. shotguns beers faster than the accela train. very tall and handsome. holds a special place in his heart for taco bell only 2 negatives: ugly shoes. he and dairy have a love-hate relationship.
did you see that beer? it made me want to arash the crap out of it.

paul: what do you want for dinner?
sara: arash.
by capscapscaps February 05, 2010
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