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Pronounciation: ah-kwa-sex or ah-kwuh-sex

Root: from the words "aqua," more commonly known as "water," and "sex," in the most plain form of the word, meaning "intercourse."

Meaning: When two or more individuals engage in dry humping while in, or under water. Due to their presence in water, the dry humping is no longer dry, therefore it needs a new term, and that being: aquasex.
Mari and I hopped into the pool, and as we bumped and grinded underwater, she exclaimed, "I LOVE HAVING AQUASEX WITH YOU!!"
by Harry Hanson September 12, 2005
When two people have sex in the water.
As Jack got in the hot tub, Jen got in. They were both EXTREMELY horny!! So they wanted sex in water, and it became... "aqua sex".
by HornyHottie123 December 24, 2011
Having sex on water, i.e., inside a pool, or on a bath tub or under the shower.
girl : that was awesome

boy: this is why, I love having Aqua-sex

girl: *grins*

boy: *grins*
by Leo Axl May 16, 2014