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A day on which idiot potheads around the world get together and celebrate the anniversary of Hitler's birth, Napolean's birth and the Columbine High School massacre.

Also known as 4/20.
"Yo man, it's April 20. Let's get baked"
"Sweet man! Heil Hitler!"
by edward doyle April 23, 2006
112 227
National get high day.
The day we all go out, get high, and dance around in our underwear!
by mvoll212 April 20, 2005
241 60
National Pot Smoker's Day
"Today is April 20, and you know what.. I'm gunna get HIGH as a Mutha FUcka!!!"
by Lis420 September 30, 2008
54 23
The best day in the world!
Hey, its 4:20, time to hoot!!!
by shelly April 18, 2005
110 79
its hitler's birthday dumbasses n if u go out n get high that day and celebrate you are a motherfucking neo nazi
hey its hitler's birthday
by niglet4lyf May 01, 2005
71 195