To lay one down Teabag them ,while inserting the erect penis in said butthole of teabager.
josh is so nasty he tried pull apple core on me.
by Clayton T. June 22, 2007
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A genre of clothing, emotiona, and music mix. Similar to Harcore, and emo. But ... like apples. They're hard and soft, or sweet, and bitter..., but we're true to the bone.
Soft and sweet, or hard and bitter, we're true to the core, we're appleCORE!
by Lixxy November 03, 2005
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Something Bryan and Rick (see: Tdog/T-Money/Tito) made up.
Bryan: Dude have you heard of Appleseed Cast?
Tito: Nah, what is that shit, Applecore?
Bryan: HAHAHAAH, u fuckin man!!
Tito: .....
by Tito May 03, 2003
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