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A new product that will be released on januray 27th, 2010 in San Fransisco. It will be so amazing the everyone will flock over it and people will starve so they can save up enough to buy one immediately. Little do they know that the Rev A products will be plagued with issues such as screens that are off color and over heating and denting issues.

With all that said it will still be a revolutionary product and other compaines like Dell and HP will try to copy it but fail horribly.

Wait for rev B
John: "wow, Bill look! Steve Jobs just announced the apple tablet its awesome"

Bill: "awesome. Its going to be one of the greatest innovations ever, i cant wait till i buy one next year"

John: "why next year, im ordering mine right now! i may have to stop eating for a couple weeks but its worth it!"

Bill: "ok, hope you buy applecare for that thing and live close to the store and when its plauged with Rev. A issues dont post threads on Macrumors bitching about how youve had 5 replacements already"

John: "stop being a jerk it will be fine"

Bill: "suit yourself..."

5 months later

Bill: "hows ur tablet"

John: "screw you"
by islate man January 20, 2010
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