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term used in open door theatre invented by an amazing director to refer to when the audience applauds wildly at our amazing show.
these canaan days we sing and dance so we can get applaudience...
by izzie April 10, 2005
An audience that is particularly prone to applause at the smallest of suggestion.
The people at the Aliver Hall show last night at Peach's really liked clapping for, well, anything. What an applaudience!
by acohall26 March 07, 2011
applaudience noun describes the cummulative mass and noise factor generated by both large and small groups of fans when their musical or dramatic heroes perform particularly well.
The bass player winked at his mates and nodded his thanks at the applaudience. Geez, I thought this was just going to be
a little brodown when we got here, he thought to himself.
by Mark W. Schlemmer January 12, 2006
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