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the day the fucked up world bands all soda and carbonated beverages
customer: ill have a coke
waiter:were all out of coke
Customer:oh fuck the apopalypse is here
by jim bulby July 31, 2010
(noun) 1. an overwhelming, self-engulfing, world changing love. 2. stronger and more powerful than any love ever known to mankind. 3. the moment in one's life that they find their true soul mate and little else in the world matters than being with them. 4. the truest and strongest devotion and adoration for another person in existence 5. a rebirth through love

NOT to be confused with apocalypse
I thought I had known true love, but when our paths crossed the apopalypse happened and my heart will forever be filled beyond it's capacity with my love for you, my soul mate.
by motheroftrouble February 03, 2010