Unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward asexuals and asexuality.
They said I was a freak because I had no sexual attraction to anyone. They expressed their aphobia so earnestly... it annoyed and saddened me.
by GamerG!rl February 20, 2010
Top Definition
Fearlessness. From the Greek words "a" (here: not) and "phobia" (fear)
Happy are those who have aphobia! (aphObia)
by Smily February 07, 2008
An aversion or dislike towards asexuals or aromantics because of their orientation. This includes discrimination, "corrective" rape, assault, abuse, pathologisation of asexuality and/or aromanticism, negative stereotypes, bullying and harassment.
I was sexually assaulted by someone who tried to change my orientation. That is aphobia.
by Officer-Jenny July 18, 2016
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