A class that can be extremely difficult or extremely easy depending on the type of teacher you have. I recommend asking older students what the teacher(s) at your school are like before taking this class.

Type A AP Euro Teacher
The teacher that makes it easy is a teacher that gives little to know busy work, actually talks about questions that will be on the exams, and gives curves. Some kids who are retards or are extremely lazy will still find a way to fail, but majority of kids will pass, and about half will pass the AP Exam. They will even let you share the work with other students at times. This is the type of teacher you want, if you get this kind of teacher, it is a great way to boost your GPA.

Type B AP Euro Teacher
This teacher likes to give 2-3 hours of homework every night, mostly considered busywork every night. Tests will be on the 8 chapters assigned the night before the test, and almost everybody will fail and there will be no curves. They will also create retarded projects, useless essays and make you memorize vocab words which wont be on the AP Test. This teacher will likely give you 5 different textbooks, and expect you to read every page of every textbook by the time the year is over. When the AP Test comes around, the 7 people who haven't dropped the class usually end up doing ok, but at the cost of drastically lowering their GPA. These teachers are responsible for roughly 8.2% of teenage suicide.
Student A:I love my AP European History teacher, I have a 95% and I barely study, he goes over all the test questions in class, and I only read chapter outlines on his website! My History teacher Rocks!

Student B:Screw you, There are no A's, 1 B, 3 C's, 40 D's and 80 F's in all of my AP European History teacher's classes, I spend 3 hours a night on homework and have to study 4 hours to get a D on a test, 5 students have killed themselves this year, 7 are in mental hospitals, 6 have eating disorders, 3 are in jail for trying to kill the teacher. AP European History sucks.
by Your Mom rides my pogo stick. December 03, 2013
Top Definition
Death. A class where all students, regardless of emo-ness or not, bring razor blades to cut themselves during the teacher's lectures. Students in the class rarely get anything higher than a C on chapter tests, but the Hajmahnaug Village (select cult of students) seems to be rising regarding test scores.
Situation regarding ap european history class-

Student 1 (usually Mark): Did you study for Corradino's test? Someone from another class told me it was hard.

Student 2(usually Tara): No.. man, I'm seriously going to fail. Peace of Ausburg and Diet of Worms WTF.

Hajmahnaug Village Cultist: Boy, I study for six hour, and I know that our village do good on test.
by Yggdrabahnaum September 07, 2006
A class that is a huge pain in the ass. It drains the life and pride out of all smart and dumbshit students alike. The teacher assigns tests and quizzes weekly just to fuck your grade. The AP exam is like satans asshole. Theres no escape and you end up shitting yourself because you dont know any answers. An incredible workout too. Youll probably lose 5 inches from your height just lugging around 5 jumbo textbooks the size of chinese phonebooks in your backpack. Impossible to get an A in and you have to study 10+ hours to get a B. Don't take this class. youll end up either killing yourself or killing the teacher.
by student who died from AP Euro September 07, 2008
A class in high school for Advanced students who feel like having their weekends, weekdays... Hell... their lives taken away from them. Average workload is usually anywhere from 7 - 10 hours per day. Most students join for bragging rights, but in the end most drop the class due to tremendous workloads.
Person 1: Dude I have a buttload of work from regular retard history, I have to write three sentences and read four pages!

Person 2: I remember what it was like to have so little work... Tell me... what is it like?


Person 2: I'm all that remains of a student who is currently taking AP European History... why?

Person 1: Ohhhh That makes sense, Nothing you just look like an anorexic, balding, grey skinned, piece of shit!

Person 2: Insults... I remember what those were like... Tell me... What's an insult again?
by themastr1024 September 14, 2009
hell on earth. u learn a lot from it tho...IF u make it out alive.

u wont pass 1 test w/o studying 4 hours for it the nite before (4 hours meaning u just passed with a D) let me play it out for y'all:

1 hour - u gotta be kiddin me
2 hours - screwed
3 hours - haha good luck
4 hours - passing with a D...a very low D
5 hours - high D
6 hours - low C
7 hours - mid C
8 hours - high C
9 hours - low B
10 hours - lower-mid B
11 hours - mid B
12 hours - mid-upper B
13 hours - high B
14 hours - high B
15 hours - high B
16 hours - high B
.............yea, there is no way u can get an A

if u r currently enrolled or just signed up for this class...

good luck.

i learned all about the political, social, economical, and other factors that influenced the european culture from the renaissance all the way to 2006 over the course of 1 year in an ap european history class... unfortunately im half the person i was wen i walked in the class the 1st day...because i tryed to comit suicide so many times.
by Alex Kayne September 16, 2006
a fuck-all hard class. taken by sophmores, usually ap virgins, who are about to get metaphorically ass-raped to stretch their asshole to the size of goatse. generally possible to BS with a lot of patience, the ap exam can be passed without learning much in the entire class. what little you did learn, you will forget over the summer. god forbid kagan wrote your ap euro book.
"Hehe, someone crossed out 'a hero' and wrote 'an hero' in my ap eurpean history book. I spent so much time laughing I couldn't concentrate on the rest of the chapter. fuck."
"Because of ap european history, I know that 'defenestration' means 'getting thrown out of the window.'"
"Why does the ap european history teacher use 'we' when talking about herself?"
by sp33chy November 15, 2009
a college level course taken in highschool by overachievers and really smart kids. the cause of many sleepless nights. you walk into class the first day and there is 30 people in it...the teacher explains what is to be done the entire year and the next day 10 people remain. those 10 people will go through pure hell for the remainder of the year. and just wait until the AP exam...theres nothing worse then sitting in a room for 3 hours not being able to move...writing two essays doing around 100 multiple choice and reading short stories to do data based questions over. the worst part is on the multiple choice if u guess the wrong answer u get a penalty of i think its 1/2 or a whole point...so ur better off just not answering. the hardest part is to even get finished. i only finished 2/3s of the test and scored a 1. i broke down many times from doing all the homework in that class...atleast 3 hours a nite. if ur lucky. oh ill never forget the number of times i thought about comiting suicide. NEVER take this course. even if u think ur smart...u r smart..then u get in that class and suddenly ur IQ is 50 points lower than it was 2 minutes ago.
AP european history WILL bring u down
by scott branner September 14, 2006
Also known as AP Euro. It's an extremely challenging college-level course on the history of Europe from the Middle Ages to the present. This class is usually taken by sophomores, and is known to be one of the hardest classes ever. In the beginning, there may be 30 in the class. The next day, 5 people will drop, and a week or two into school, 10 more people will drop.
Many stay up countless number of nights and even pull all-nighters studying for this course. Only the few elite actually get an A, incredibly smart and hardworking students get a B, the rest get a C or lower.
It is also known as hell.
Person 1: How'd you do on that Euro Test?

Person 2: I did not understand the **** questions!!! Aghhh!! I pulled an all-nighter and probably failed. I should drop AP European History.
by trashcan7 September 08, 2008
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