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A student that is academically gifted in the study of biology. They live, breath, and sleep biology. All they talk about is biology. When biology is not being spoken of, they throw in a sentence that relates to biology. People think they are crazy for taking an AP Biology. They endure endless hours of homework, sleepless nights, and 19 paged tests every single day. They walk around with a blank look on their face when they are not in biology class because they are wondering where they are. They do not know what to do outside of biology class. They are awkward. They only know how to communicate logically with their fellow homo sapiens that take AP biology. AP Biology students are generally superstitious about staying away from tall buildings and pointy objects when they do not have biology class.
AP Biology Student #1 "Hey, I bet I got less hours of sleep than you!"

AP Biology Student #2 "I got 1 hour of sleep last night, top that."

AP Biology Student #1 "I got 0."

AP Biology Student #2 "I envy you."
by bobcat10101 December 05, 2013
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