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A chick that everybody likes to spank for no meaning. (Nice ass) She has great taste in music, and is awsome at giving advice. Is a tease . Is crazy will try anything. She's alos very funny, can be a bitch and has many opinions. She is very fun and is loud likes to talk and WILL LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION, PREPARE TO BE BRANDED BITCH !!!!!!!!
Anyssa is/has; under shoulder length hair, blunt bangs, 5'4, NICE ASS, blue/grey eyes, glasses, lightly tanned skin. AWESOME boobs, entertaining, GREAT on the eyes . Very sexy . "Anyssa's ass is hot."
by sfrush April 10, 2009
A girl who is lonley inside but likes to hide it.A girl who trys to make everone else happy when really she needs to be making herself happy...
Anyssa is crying inside
by nycie April 09, 2005
The biggest bitch you will ever meet, but is a loyal respectful person. very blunt and truthful, is a big tease, and knows how to turn a guy on. she is always there for someone. no matter if she doesn't know you, how bad you guys left off, or anything, if you need something she's a good person to hit up. but if you just need someone to be a bad bitch with, her ass is always on board. (she has the best ass like dayum).
Anyssa is the baddest bitch around town!!!
by http.tinyturtles June 01, 2015
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