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it is a very rare disease mostly found in males. Its comes from monkeys that are found on the island of anus.
when you get attacked my an anus monkey you now have a monkey in your anus. There is no know cure for this rare disease and you can only supress the monkey for awhile. But if u do that there is a great risk that ur anus will explode.
anus monkey that lives in your anus and lives off shit.
by kiedgs October 25, 2007
1. a monkey typical of the ay-noos regions of chile
2. a monkey that resides on one's anus.
3. a person you would wish cancer upon.
1* "ola...please to be viweing the anusmonkey in exhibit b on your left senor"

2* "man i got some serious anusmonkeys goin on down there after i slept with that skank."

3* "man frederick is such a blatant anusmonkey...lets go spit on his mom."
by pirate-core November 02, 2003

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