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a sick ass, psychopathic assassin, with souped up weapons and more ninja skills than sonny chiba. there's a 90% probability that he will kill your ass if you see him.
noted for being in the movie "no country for old men"
Yo, that's Anton Chigurh ova' there dogg! We betta jet 'fore he ghosts our asses!
by OG Junior Mint December 25, 2007
143 32
Right before a guy blows his load, he presses up against the recipient's forehead and makes a hissing sound with his mouth, a la Anton Chigurh's cattle gun from No Country for Old Men.
Dude, I gave my gf the "Anton Chigurh" last night, nearly blew her brains out.
by comradeimperator September 28, 2009
33 12